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What Is Tuition In Sri Lanka?

Tuition: A Curse Or A Blessing

“I can’t go to this class!” little Ravindu shouted in disbelief. With the news of a new class, he was enraged and disappointed because all seven days of the week is already packed with tuition. It was difficult for him to understand the logic behind going to extra classes for almost all the subjects, even for the ones he is quite good at!

What Is Tuition In Sri Lanka?

Tuition in Sri Lankan context is extra classes for children conducted by private institutions and individuals for a monthly fee. The demand for tuition is on an ever-increasing trend and it is almost an inseparable part of the lives of children in Sri Lanka. These extra classes start at a surprisingly early age, as tuitions are available for even pre-schoolers!

 The Tuition Fashion

Sending children for so called “posh” classes is more or less a fashion in the urban culture. What is often forgotten by parents is to check the qualifications and the character of the tutors. Getting to know about the tutors and the atmosphere, before you send your little one to an extra class is important, because tuition in Sri Lanka is neither regulated nor supervised by any regulatory authority.

 Tuition Tactics

Sometimes, children are advised to attend tuition classes by school teachers themselves or threatened to be offered low marks at exams! Some of the tuitions in Sri Lanka market their classes through massive promotional campaigns for they know money spent on these propaganda activities is never a waste.

 Tuition Mania

It looks as if many parents believe that no one ever had a successful education without tuition. But the truth is far different. It is true that exams in Sri Lanka are extremely competitive, but too much of tuition can be exhausting mentally and physically to children. Maintaining a balance between school work, extra classes and other activities is very important. As education provided to your child will be fruitful, only, if his or her learning experience is enriching and pleasant.

 Understand The Real Need

The real purpose for tuition is barely identified. Tuition should by all means, support the child to improve on the subjects or the areas in which he or she is weak, enabling them to perform better at exams in Sri Lanka. To achieve this goal, it is not essential to send your child to a tuition class. It’s a good idea to discuss about your child’s performance at school with class teacher before you make a hasty decision. If time permits, and you have the required knowledge, you yourself can assist children without sending them for classes for each and every subject.

Every child learns at a different pace. Some children in Sri Lanka may be intellectually gifted while some others need extra time. Therefore, think many times before you rush your little one to an extra class because childhood means much more than galloping on with a busy schedule overwhelmed by never ending tuition classes.

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