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Are tuition classes suitable for kids?

For parents of school going children, sending their children to Tuition classes in Sri Lanka is a common phenomenon. It’s the done thing of every school going child to excel academically, especially in the local scholarship examinations. This is not about just a small group of students and parents, they are by the thousand, that swarm these tuition institutes, like bees to a beehive.

While there is nothing wrong with children attending Tuition classes in Sri Lanka, there are groups of parents and students who take this to another level, it is not merely to help a struggling child to grasp the academic  concepts, it’s about competition and or to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. Many parents, don’t think their children need tuition classes because they are already mastered the basics in school. But apart from the above reasons, why is it that parents push their children to a breaking point with tuition? Its fear in parents. These fears include,

  • Children falling behind or loosing out.
  • Other children doing better.
  • Parents being a failure.

Parents can easily succumb to these fears, especially given how common it is for students to attend tuition classes.

Not all parents want their children to be put into the military routine of tuition classes and are worried that their children are robbed to enjoying a normal childhood, that allows them the freedom to do what they want and become creative, instead of rushing home, gobbling down food and rushing to a tuition class only to return at night to eat dinner and go to sleep, until the same routine is repeated the next day. Parents feel trapped by the fears mentioned above and often give in to the pressure of tuition classes.

From a point of view of the children in tuition classes, there is no doubt that by the end of the week they do suffer from  burnout. As, in addition to attending tution classes they have to attend to daily homework, projects, sports and extra curricular activities. This is the reason that many students are unhappy as they are often tired and sleep deprived.

However, in recent times the government is trying to shift the emphasis of tuition classes on weekends and holidays with the motive of enabling children to relax and spend time with their family and friends. Many experts feel that these changes are a sign that will put both parents and children in the right direction.

If we want to fight out against society’s obsession with good grades, then we need to redefine what failure means. Children in tuition classes or in general should know that failure is not  about trying and getting the results we expect, it is not about doing worse than peers and it is not about being successful at the wrong things. Failure is focusing on things that do not matter in the long run.

This certainly is applicable to the decision on whether or not to enroll your child in tuition classes. As a parent, are you thinking about the short- or long-term results?

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