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The Quiet Resolution of Breastfeeding

I just couldn’t get it going using a breast pump, it was so frustrating! I am a first time mum and my son is a week old and losing weight. I have to express my milk and feed him. Of course, I am overwhelmed and stressed out, making it difficult to produce milk. Gradually, I did relax and found expressing milk, a breeze. Dulith is the happiest healthiest baby!

 A Breast pump -is a device that is used to express mother’s milk. This handy tool not only lets you fill a bottle with your precious milk but also helps your body keep producing more milk, relieve engorgements and have a ready to use supply in the freezer. Most Ammi’s, breastfeeding –  in Sri Lanka will need a break once in a while whether to meet a friends for coffee or an evening out. You best friend in this instance is the breast pump

Advantages Of Using A Breast Pump

  • Feed a premature baby or multiple babies
  • Helps produce more milk
  • Ideal for working mothers
  • Mobility
  • Fathers can get involved in feeding
  • Reduce engorgement

Disadvantages of the Breast Pump

  • Baby gets used to the bottle
  • Problems with latching on
  • Absence of skin to skin bonding
  • Washing and sterilising bottles and breast pump
  • Loss in nutrients and immunology properties

Types of Breast Pumps

Manual It’s simple and inexpensive. It comes with a shield that is placed over the nipple and a plunging device that sucks the milk into a bottle. This pump is not ideal for expressing large quantities of milk but good for a quick feed. It requires both hands and takes 45 minutes to express milk.

Electric This is easy to use and faster. All you need to do is flip the switch and it goes to work. You can express milk in 20 minutes while reading a book or eating as your hands are free. These are pricey.

Battery OperatedThis is the in-between product and does not express milk as fast as the electric pump. Affordable and hands free but the batteries run out fast.

When to Start Pumping

  • Baby is still hungry after a feed
  • Special needs child
  • Multiple babies
  • Mother has to return to work

Best Time to Pump

The best time to start expressing your milk is about an hour before your feeding session. If you do this at the office, it’s best to stick to a daily schedule.

How To Pump

Breast pump –  can take some getting used to, so practice beforehand. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Find a comfortable, quiet spot and relax
  • Massage your breast slightly
  • Cuddle your baby before
  • Think about your baby if you are out of home
  • Use the lowest suction first
  • Be patient

How to Pick the Best Breast Pump For You

Picking the best breast pump -in Sri Lanka can be tough, consider the following,

  • Lifestyle
  • Effectiveness and type of the pump
  • Durability
  • Affordability
  • Power option
  • Portability
  • Quick and easy maintenance

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