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Protect Your Child From Road Accidents

Children everywhere are extremely vulnerable to road accidents and injuries, especially in rural areas or by roads in Sri Lanka, where there is often a lack of adult supervision. Road safety for kids is the parent’s responsibility, so make sure to start teaching your child road safety rules today and make sure your children and not allowed to play and loiter unsupervised on main or by roads, which is very commonly noticed among many Sri Lankan neighborhoods.

Here are some reasons why road safety rules for kids are important

  • Cauldrons behavior can be unpredictable on the road.
  • Young children cannot be spotted by driver’s easily, when they run across the road
  • Children cannot react quickly and move out of the way of a moving vehicle, quickly
  • Children may not know about pedestrian crossing rules

Some of Road Safety Rules For Kids are as follows,

  • Look both ways before crossing the road – Make children follow this golden rule before crossing the road and be attentive and alert.
  • No Running – All children run on the road, leaving their parents behind, make it a priority to teach road safety for children.Tell children never to run on the road, and that they should not be distracted, but be cautious and vigilant.
  • Use pavements – Make sure to use the pavements when walking and face the traffic, if adults and parents follow these rules, the children will also follow suit and avoid roads where pavements are unavailable.
  • Cross the road at a pedestrian crossing – Many people in Sri Lanka cross the road wherever they want, instead of using the pedestrian crossings, resulting in accident and even death. These are bad habits to teach children. Therefore, make sure to teach a child the traffic signals that are for pedestrians to cross the road. Children should not run, but walk swiftly when crossing the road.
  • Traffic lights – Its mandatory when educating road safety for children to explain to them about the traffic lights and its basics and the significance of traffic signs. Children should know what each color of the traffic lights stands for. Also, other road signs should be explained to the children as well.
  • No Play Areas – When children are playing outdoors, make sure that they know that they cannot play on the road or parking areas, make sure to draw a boundary, where they can and cannot play.
  • Riding bikes – When children are riding bicycles make sure they wear protective gear and don’t ride on the main road alone. Also, make sure that the brakes, horn, steering are in proper working condition, before getting onto the road.

The above rules on road safety for kids can make children more efficient and effective in matters of road safety, and it’s up to the parents to demonstrate good road behavior and be a role model.

Please give us your feedback on how to increase road safety of our children more.

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