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Prepare Them To Win Life’s Challenges

“How many times have I asked you to keep your socks on the towel rack?’ Dinu shouted at her son who had just found one of his socks under the bed and the other behind the computer after a 15 minute search mission!

Lack of responsibility of children in Sri Lanka is one of the major concerns that worry many parents. Despite this being a common burden in parenting in Sri Lanka some parents turn a blind eye to the irresponsible behaviour of their kids. Children in Sri Lanka are sometimes pampered to an extent that they are dependent on their parents even for tiny things such as packing their school bags!

Importance Of Being Responsible

One of the major duties of parenting   in Sri Lanka is to instill personal responsibility to children so that they are capable of handling their lives on their own when they grow as adults.

  • If you train your kids to do at least some of their things, it will help him/her develop a strong independent personality from an early age
  • When they grow up they will have numerous responsibilities towards family, career, friends and society
  • Unless, they are taught to be responsible and accountable for their possessions, actions and decisions, they will have difficulties in their personal and social lives
  • Responsibility in children is an important ingredient in building trust
  • This is a much demanded personal value in the professional world. A responsible person is always rewarded with more opportunities.

Improving responsibility in children is very important as we prepare them for their adulthood. Here are some of the helpful ways.

  • Guide by example – The best way to promote responsibility at your household is to demonstrate responsibility by yourself. It will motivate them to follow the way.
  • Accept help – When your kids offer to help you with household chores, accept it
  • Assign Duties – Assign age-appropriate duties to your kids. Make them competent at handling various responsibilities such as packing their school bags and cleaning the dining table. However, remember not to overload them with lots of duties.
  • Reward Them – When your kids do their duties successfully, appreciate it and reward them.
  • Be Patient – While you promote their independency in doing assigned duties, assure them of your help, when they need.
  • Start Early – Responsibility in children should ideally be developed from an early age by taking small steps. You can start with training them to bring their homework home, taking care of their stationary or keep their study table organized.
  • Better Late Than Never – It’s never too late to teach your kids to be responsible. If you haven’t started yet, start today and guide them to enhance their responsibility

Being responsible is a skill that should be practiced daily. Make this one of your family values by helping your children to be responsible and accountable as this is an essential aspect of a successful life.

Happy Parenting!

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