Week 37

  • Now you are in your 37th Your baby has grown a lot, and has limited space to move around in your womb. It cannot move around as freely inside your womb as it used to when he was smaller. Therefore, you will notice a difference in its movement patterns. Most of the time you will feel as if it is stretching and twisting. It won’t move as fast as it used due to its limited space. Don’t worry, this is normal. However do continue to be aware of how often you feel your baby’s movements. It should still move once every 4 hours or 10 times every 12 hours. If you notice a change in this pattern, seek medical attention immediately.
  • You could go into labor any time after your 37th Your baby has now fully developed, so if it’s born any time after this point, it will be able to live normally just as any other baby born at 40 weeks. By you should be fully aware how to recognize signs of labor and what happens during birth. Research more on these topics or ask your doctor/midwife if you still have any doubts or questions. You can also find out more information on our website at this link. Inform yourself through these sources and make sure you are fully prepared for labor and birth.


WEEK 38-39-40

Week 38


Week 39


Week 40



  • Congratulations! You are now at the final stage of your pregnancy. In a few days the big event you patiently waited for over the past 40 weeks will soon dawn.
  • You will go into labor anytime during these weeks, so make sure you have made all necessary preparations.
  • Also ensure you are well aware of how to recognize signs of labor, the different stages of labor, and what to expect during birth. Read more at this link on our website, and ask your doctor/midwife to clarify any last questions
  • At the early stages of your pregnancy your doctor/midwife may have given you an expected date of delivery. However very few babies are actually born on this exact date. After 37 weeks, your baby is fully developed and ready to face the world, and could be born at any time. Sometimes your baby may be born later than your expected due date. This is quite normal.