Week 28

  • Congratulations! Another milestone reached: you have now completed 2/3rds of your pregnancy. You only about another 3 months to go before that much awaited day dawns and you finally get to hold your baby in your arms.
  • At this stage, if by chance you experience a premature delivery, your baby’s chances of survival are higher given the good facilities at most Sri Lankan hospitals.
  • Given the high incidence of diabetes in Sri Lanka now, the Health Ministry has made it mandatory for pregnant mothers to get tested for diabetes during the 24-28th weeks of pregnancy. We highly recommend you get tested to ensure the health of your baby and yourself.
  • Let’s look at what important developments will happen over the last 3 months ahead: now your baby’s organs have all formed. During this period, they will rapidly grow in size, and your baby’s weight will increase faster with this growth. Therefore it’s vital that you take in sufficient nutrients to help your baby’s growth during this period.
  • As we reminded you previously as well, make sure you keep your mind happy and trouble-free as much as possible.
  • It’s important that you don’t exhaust yourself by over-working/over-exercising during this period, as it could affect your baby’s growth.
  • By now you are probably used to your baby’s movements inside you. Until now, only you could feel these. Now however, if someone keeps a hand on your tummy, they will probably be able to feel your baby’s movements and feel its tiny punches and kicks.
  • If you press a little hard against your stomach, your baby will respond by moving, probably with a little kick as it is already very receptive to your touch. This is how your baby communicates with you during this time. Already a strong bond and connection has formed between your unborn baby and you.

WEEK 29-30-31

Week 29


Week 30



Week 31

  • Now let’s look at the changes and developments that will take place over weeks 29-31 of your pregnancy.
  • You may experience more discomfort during this time. This is because your baby is growing rapidly now, and your expanding uterus starts to put increasing pressure on your other organs. You may continue to experience difficulty sleeping and heart burn. Follow the same advice we gave you in previous weeks to try and reduce the discomfort.Sleeping turned onto one side or propped up and supported by extra pillows can help reduce both heart burn and back ache, and help you get a good nights’ rest. Because of your expanding tummy, you may also find it harder to walk, sit and stand during this time. Try to maintain correct posture when you stand and walk. When you sit, try to keep your back straight as much as possible. You can minimize back ache through such practices. Don’t be discouraged by these discomforts, the end is near, and your delivery date is getting closer and closer by the day.
  • You may also feel mild contractions inside your uterus. Don’t worry as this is normal. As you know during delivery the walls and muscles of your uterus will have to contract to help your baby to come out. Your uterus has now started practicing for this. Therefore during this time you may frequently feel a tightening and relaxing of your uterus muscles inside your tummy. If this doesn’t happen for long periods of time, if it happens in an irregular pattern, or if you don’t experience pain during contractions, you shouldn’t worry, as this is a normal. If however your contractions intensify continuously over a long period of time at a regular rhythm, or if you experience pain along with the contractions, seek medical attention as these could be signs that you aregoing into labor prematurely. Therefore be aware of your contractions during this time, and if you think you could be going into labor, head to the closest hospital.