Week 23

  • These are weeks of rapid growth. Your weight will also increase more rapidly with your baby’s growth. You will experience a weight gain of around 250 grams a week on average.
  • Although the discomforts you felt during the early stages of pregnancy have most probably worn off at this stage, due to the rapidly growing size of your stomach, you may experience difficulty sleeping in one position at night
  • Experiment until you find a comfortable position to sleep in. You can use pillows as props to support your stomach and to help alleviate any back pain.
  • At 23 weeks, significant developments have taken place in your baby. At this point all your baby’s organs and features have formed, and it has hair as well. By 24 weeks, your baby’s eyebrows have formed as well. Its lungs are developed and begin to work. It looks like a tiny miniature doll now.

Week 24

  • The most important thing is that now, your baby is capable of identifying your voice. It recognizes the sound of your voice as its mother’s voice.
  • You may notice these days that your gums are very sensitive. Sometimes you may notice they bleed when you brush your teeth. This is normal and happens because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Don’t stop brushing because of this however. Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential during pregnancy.
  • There has been an increase in reported incidences of diabetes during pregnancy. If you had diabetes during a previous pregnancy, or if someone in your family has diabetes, your doctor will want to monitor your sugar levels and may ask you to take the relevant blood sugar tests during this time.

Week 25

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Week 27

  • Now let’s talk about your baby’s developments and changes in your bodu during weeks 25-27.
  • During this time you may experience heart burn or feel a burning sensation in your stomach. This is because your swelling uterus has moved up and is pressing against your stomach and small intestines now. The pressure makes you sense stomach acids more. This is also due to the effect of pregnancy hormones on your esophagus and stomach muscles. You may find it difficult to eat as a result. This is normal. You can address this by eating small portions of food at regular intervals. You can also try eating less spicy food (cutting down on chilli and other spices) and less oily food, to reduce discomfort.
  • If you experience heart burn at night and find it difficult to sleep, try sleeping proppsed up against a couple pillows in bed.
  • During this time as your skin is stretching with your growing body, you may find stretch marks beginning to appear on your stomach, thighs and breasts. Although there are many creams on the market claiming to reduce this, in reality their effect is insignificant if any. Treat these stretch marks with pride as signs that your body bore a child, and do not worry too much about them.
  • During this time so mothers may develop varicose veins. This happens when the uterus is very heavy, and puts excessive pressure on blood vessels. If you develop an extreme case of this, you should seek medical attention. For minor cases, try keeping your feet up whenever possible. You can keep your feet elevated on a pillow when you sleep for example.
  • Swollen ankles are also normal at this stage. If you notice excessive swelling/ swelling in the face, fingers or hands/ or notice swelling in the mornings soon after you wake up- seek medical attention, as these could be signs of high blood pressure.
  • Now let’s turn to your baby. At 26 weeks your baby weighs around 750 grams. Its lungs are formed. He probably kicks you hard now. If your partner keeps his ear to your tummy and listens, he may even feel a kick or two. Tests also reveal that when a bright light fall on your tummy, your baby looks away, as it is sensitive to light now. This is how aware it is by now of its surroundings. By week 27, your baby will weigh around 1 Kg.