Week 10

  • Now your baby is around 1.5 inches. We all hope to deliver a baby weighing at least 3 kgs during birth. Now your baby is around 10 grams.
  • Your baby’s bones and cartilage have begun to develop now. Almost all the vital internal organs have now formed. The liver and kidneys have even begun to function.
  • Now the umbilical cord has formed. Previously your baby got all the nutrients it needed through your blood. Now it gets nourishment through this cord.
  • To ensure your baby and you are healthy, make sure you keep your mind happy and trouble free as much as possible.

Week 11

  • Now your baby is about 4.5 centimeters long. Its sexual organs have also begun to form. Now all other vital organs are completely formed, and are beginning to grow in size.
  • Although so many developments have happened, your tummy may still not have expanded. This is because your womb is located within your pelvic cavity.
  • During this time your nutrition is very important. Therefore it’s important you eat adequate amounts of nutritious food and maintain a healthy diet. By now the nausea and vomiting should have reduced, so you should be able to keep food down. You can read more about maintaining a healthy diet at this link
  • If you plan to get a scan done, this is the best time to do so. Performing a scan when your baby is 11-14 weeks old enables doctors to more accurately predict your date of delivery.

Week 12

  • Your growing baby is becoming quite accomplished. It has now begun to make active use of its body parts. It can not only make a fist, touch and suck, but also hiccup!
  • Even though your little champion can do all this, its weight is still only around 15 grams.
  • Now your womb, which was growing inside the pelvic cavity all these days, will slowly begin to expand beyond it.

Week 13

  • Now your baby is growing fast! In a week it has grown almost 2 centimeters.
  • We didn’t mention this until now, but your baby is really swimming in a liquid filled little sack inside you. This sack is called the amniotic sack (also known as the ‘bag of waters’). The liquid surrounding your baby cushions and protects it against small bumps and impacts as you engage in your daily work.
  • Now your baby’s kidneys have started to filter urine.
  • Your baby can also turn its heard.
  • The placenta has full developed and has even started to produce hormones now.
  • Although your baby’s chest moves as if breathing, it still gets the oxygen it needs through the umbilical cord and the placenta
  • During this time it’s advisable that you get a tetanus injection for protection.
  • Now you may have started taking iron tablets, vitamin C, and calcium supplements isn’t it? Your baby’s teeth, hair and bones are now forming, and need calcium to develop well. Iron is essential for you to maintain healthy blood cells.
  • Take iron tablets at night and calcium tablets in the morning