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Pregnancy & Common Illnesses

Pregnancy & Common Illnesses

Nayana looked at the yummy sweet in her friends hand and looked away. At 6 months pregnant, she had an inconceivable liking for sweets. But, her doctor had warned her about the risk of pregnancy-diabetes –   She wanted herself and baby to be healthy, so she painfully put a hold on her sweet tooth cravings.

Expecting your bundle of joy? Nothing can put a damper on that. But 9 months of pregnancy –   does have a toll on your body. Health problems during pregnancy in Sri Lanka can vary whilst some are quite common a few may be life threatening.

 8 Common Health Problems During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness – Quite common, it settles done by the 2nd trimester –  However some women may experience a more severe bout of morning sickness causing a lack of nutrition and even dehydration. Thus, results in hospitalization and being administered a saline drip.

Low Or High Blood Pressure – Can occur with bouts of morning sickness, stress or dietary habits. Light-headedness, excessive tiredness and headaches are common signs.

Gassy Or Bloated Belly – Other than for baby, gas can make your belly ache and feel bloated.

There is a Sri Lankan remedy where two cloves of garlic are boiled with a few grains of fenugreek seeds. Simmer it down to a tea cup quantity, add sugar and drink for relief. If severe seek medical advice.

Bleeding In The Vagina – This can occur during the early stages. Creates health problems during pregnancy such as anxiety and stress.

Immediately seek medical advice. Relax and try not to panic, the problem is not always severe.

Urinary Tract Infections Of all problems during pregnancy, this is extremely uncomfortable. Usually a urine infection means pain during urination and even fever. During pregnancy our body heat increases, giving cause to various urinary tract infections.

Drink plenty of fluids; eat food that is cooling, (in proportion). Never hold-in when you need to pass urine. Consult doctor. A simple test will determine the problem.

 Pregnancy Diabetes  – Pregnancy in SriLanka means a lot of yummy goodies being brought your way. However, remember diabetes can occur during pregnancy; this is a risk to you and baby.

Get a blood-sugar test done in the 2nd trimester –  , even if you don’t have a history of blood sugar. Cut down on sweets and get plenty of exercise.

Vaginal Infections – Although unpleasant, you are at risk of developing vaginal herpes –  and other infectious disease. These pose a threat to baby.

Get any suspicious rash or irritation in your vaginal area checked by a doctor. Be mindful of personal hygiene and how you use public lavatories.

Depression – A common illness amongst pregnant women before and after pregnancy, depression can be overcome with the right attitude.

Talking about your fears, plenty of rest, healthy eating and being happy are important.

Happy Pregnancy!

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