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Parents, please come forward to protect the free education!

It is a big lie to say that Sri Lankan children are having a free education.  From the admission upto the higher grades, everything will be done on money.  It does not exist in country schools much, but schools in the city limits or closer to main cities, this system is prevailing through-out.

Do you think this system is correct?

Though there are less facilities, country school will provide education to children.  If so, why can’t popular school charge a lot of money for the same education system?

No one can tell that this issue is far from the truth, because you and I both have to pay a big amount to the school, when you admit your child to a popular school.  They guarantee this money for 13 years of schooling period of a child.  This amount is not a bearable amount for the parents.  But, parents are paying this money with greatest difficulty, because they want their children a school for education.  Thismethod is unethical i.e.to take money to admit a child to a school, according to the rules and regulations of the free education.  If parents are unable to pay the amount, then the child will not get that school.  Who are answerable for this predicament?

According to my knowledge, when we were going to school, they charged only the government approved fees, such as facilities fees.  The annual fee was only Rs. 300/- – Rs. 400/-, as far as I can remember.  That amount has been increased by a big amount now. We, too, had facilities, like today.

As per my understanding, the government is allocating a provision for the education in every year.  Why can’t they develop the schools from that money?  Or does that money goes to the pockets of the officers, who are in high ranks?  May be, that percentage of provision would not sufficient for the education. If so, why don’t they increase the percentage of provision for the education?

It is a known fact that the cost of living has been skyrocketed in the present context.  Though they distribute toffees, when the election is around the corner, people cannot meet the cost of living easily.  Among them, the children’s educational activity cost is at the top of the expense list of a family unit.  The children, who are studying in O/L and A/L classes, should go, at least for 2 – 3 subjects for tuition definitely.  If there are children, who do not go to tuition, then their parents may be teachers.  Other than that, schools are charging fees for other activities, such as sports meets, concerts, English Day, Literature Day, Walk Outs, etc.  How can parents bear all these expenses?

For an example, if you pay a fee of Rs. 100,000/- to admit your child to a school (of course, it will be more than this amount, because my children are going to school still, I know about this system very well) and when you multiply that amount with 90 (there is about 30 children in a class and for 3 classes of the same grade – some schools are having more than 3 classes for one grade), the total cost equal to Rs. 9,000,000.00.  What are they going to do for the school from such a huge amount?  This is a curse!   It is our duty to act against this system, as soon as possible.  If not, within another 10 years’ period, we will lose all the national schools and only private schools will exist.

In one side, the number of Sinhalese nation is decreasing, because the parents are scared to produce a child, as expenses of a child islike Mt. Meru for them.  If so, how can they produce, more than one child?

I do not know how the principals select the children for their schools.  I came to know an incident that children of very famous athletic ladies were not called, even for an interview from the schools, which they have applied, because of the distance of the school and their homes.  They both brightened the name of our little Island all over the world!  But the schools were more concerned about the distance.

According to my understanding, after a month of admissions, if you verify the addressof  achild, he will give a far away address.  That is not the problem of the child, but the malpractice system of admission.

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