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Interesting ways to teach the English alphabet to kids

It can be a challenging task to teach children the alphabet. While some children may find it easier, it can be a ‘crocodile tears’ episode for some children, but they will benefit from learning the alphabet easily with the help of their parents or teachers in Sri Lanka. The key is to decide when the child is ready. Children can often show their interest by pointing at letters or engaging in conversation about them. If you feel that your child is not yet ready, wait until he or she is.

Here are some ideas that are followed by many preschools in Sri Lanka, which you can follow at home as well.

Prepare a book with the Alphabet – In preschools in Sri Lanka, teachers make an alphabet book, do the same thing with the child. Purchase a blank exercise book and make the letters out of colored paper and help the child make a page with each letter. Get the child to write the letter or cut it out from a book and paste it on the book and get the child to draw matching pictures.

Play the ABC game – This is a fun and easy way to teach children in Sri Lanka the alphabet. Have your child find the letter A on billboards or signs, and continue to progress through to the other letters.

Sing the ABC Song – This is a firm favorite among children and teachers in Sri Lanka, so why not have a go at it with your child as well and start the day with the ABC song.

Flash card memory game – You can purchase Alphabet flash cards locally or make your own together with the child with cardboard and colored paper. Have your child match the capital letter A to the lowercase letter a. Each time the child gets it right reward him or her with a sticker.

Do the Alphabet from play dough – What child does not like to make fun things with play dough and clay. Use alphabet cookie cutters to cut out the shapes and ask your child, which letter they would like to make. This creates hours of fun.

Make a finger painting with the alphabet – Use cardboard or colored papers and make a finger painting with different letters. Have your child paint the capital letter and lowercase letters and decorate the picture with colors the child likes.

Name the object – Fill a cloth bag with things that start with different letter sounds. Pull out items from the bag and ask the child, which letter the object starts with. Make sure to include objects that your child knows and is familiar with, this is a great way to teach children the alphabet, sounds, senses and tactile skills.

Keep learning fun and enjoyable!

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