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Husband and children will be delighted about mother’s beauty

When a girl child born in a family in ancient days, our elders called her as ShriyaKanthawa, which means an “Angel of Wealth”.  Though she is a girl, she will not be an angel, if she does not have good qualities, clean and tidiness.  One day, she will have to go to her husband’s place from her own mother’s house.  Then if she is able to use her good qualities in her husband place only, she will become the God of Wealth – God Lakshmi!

Today everything has been modernized.   There are a lot of differences in between the good olden days’ mothers and present mothers.  Ancient days’ mothers werewearingKandyansaris.   Modern mothers wear a frock or a trouser and a T-shirt, most probably in 21st century.  If they are dressed clean and tidy, it is alright, but some ladies are in a nightgown, throughout the day, without changing the dress.  Do you know the reason of family matters mostly arises nowadays, because of the negligence of these ladies?

I will give you an example:

Kamal: Why are you in a sad mood?

Amal: Shall we go to the club today? I want to talk with you.

They met in the club in the evening and talked a lot about so many things, but Kamal saw some indifference of his friend.

Kamal: Why are you taking liquor and destroy yourself like this?

Amal: Actually machan, our house is like a hell now.  Surangi is not like the days we married.

Kamal: Why do you tell, like that?

Amal:  I don’t know how to tell you these things.

Kamal: It does not matter.  Tell me about your problems.

Amal: You do not know, Surangi is in the same nightdress until I go home.  Our house is not tidy at all.  She is talking always.  She scolds children, as well.  When I inquired why she is staying in the same dress, she says “you do not know the workload I am doing.  I do not have time to do makeup, as you say”.  She gets up by 4. 30 – 5.00 a.m. So why can’t she manage the time and stay nicely?  She kept nicely in those days.

Kamal:  I saw she was wearing nicely those days.

Amal:  I don’t know why can’t she stay nicely like those days?  I am going home, because of my children.  Otherwise, I hate to go home now.

Kamal: I will tell you a good idea.  You come with Surangi and children to our home one day and keep on telling about Sarangi’s goodness.  Then, she will feel shame about herself. In return, she will feel sad that you did not under-estimate her.  I will tell Thamara, too, to put some points for her to learn, without her knowledge.

Amal: You will gain merits for this help, Machan.

After this discussion, a new life has been entered into Amal’s family life.  Please keep in your mind that these types of friends are very rare in our society today.  After this incident, Surangi has been changed day-by-day.  Do you know that men prefer uncluttered young women?  If a lady is not a thoughtful one, husbands would be on wrong track sometimes.

Our small children, too, are same.  My son is 12 years now, but he asked me “Ammi, please dress nicely”.  Sometimes, he will choose the nail polish for me, as well.  When a mother dresses nicely, they will be proud of us.   See, how the children look at the things we do.  My daughter, too, is like that.  She asked me “Ammi, when you come to our school today, please wear this sari and come”, show the saris, which I wore to weddings.  At that time, I teach them that those saris are being worn for weddings and tell her that I will wear another nice sari.

Children will learn, when a mother is wearing ina pleasing way.   Then their family lives will be happy and fun!

Please keep in mind, you are the Sirikatha” at your house!

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