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Healthy Diet For A Happy Baby

Ensure your child eats a balanced diet containing a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

Milk can play an important role in your child’s diet as a rich source of calcium and vitamin D. Do not offer your child more than 3 cups of milk daily as this could affect their appetite for regular food.

 It is not advisable to give babies under 12 months cow’s milk as most cannot digest this completely.  After 2 years, it is normally ok to give your child low-fat or reduced-fat milk.

Avoid indulging your child with unhealthy fast foods, snacks, sweets and sugary drinks. Many of these contain high amounts of sugar, fat and artificial preservatives which can negatively affect your child’s health.

If your child is a very fussy eater, ask your pediatrician if you should give your child a multi-vitamin to compensate for any vitamins and minerals he/she may not be getting from food.

A lot of fruits, vegetables, and meat we eat today, unfortunately, contain traces of pesticides, insecticides and growth hormones. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly, and buy organic products where possible.

Lead by example: you cannot encourage your child to eat vegetables if you and others in the family do not lead by example.

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