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The hands that rocks the cradle will rule the world

There is a popular folklore, saying that the “Amma” is an angel, came to the earthly world from Heaven!  The meaning of Amma is the woman in relation to a child or children, whom she has given birth.  Though the real meaning of Amma is such, a real woman can be a mother of any other child or children, as well.  Children from different societies call “Amma”, as “Ammi”, “Mama”, “Mommy”, with love and affection.

In ancient days, families, in spite of the financial status of their own, adopted some other child or children, though they have their own children.  I know several families, including my father’s own family, who has adopted a child, whether those children had their own mothers and fathers or not.  But, still they treated those adopted children, as their own, with love, care, and givenproper education and did their marriages, when they were big enough, as of how they treated their own children.  You can call Amma for those types of ladies, as well.

Amma is a person, who can bear all the problems of their children and she never grumble of the difficulties of their families.  She is willing to take some more responsibilities, other than the problems already exist in her hands.  She never say “No” for her children, whenever they face any problems in life and asking a help, though the children are grown-ups and they can handle their own problems.

Amma keeps her children in her belly for 10 months and give all the nourishment to the child through the placenta.  She dreams about her child with delight feelings throughout10 months.  Thoughsheunder-go a lot of pains of the birth of a child, her pain will fade-away at once, when she hears the “first cry” of her child.  She welcomes her child with open hands, if it is a boy or a girl.Her utmost love for her child will never fly-away, according to the child’s physical appearance, sex difference or the health problems. She tries to fill her children’s tummies always, though she is in hunger.

Our Lord Buddha, too, has been proved that Amma is the greatest person in our lives.  She acts, as a parent, friend, sister and a close relative, whenever the need arises.  She will never betray you or under-estimate you, though she gets a whole-lot-of-money or any other wealth.  Her real wealth is her children.

“Amma” never get tired of her children.  She donates you, even her heart if you are in a difficulty.  That is the way she loves her children.

Amma cannot be replaced by anything in this world.  She is the most valuable person in your life.  Therefore, please treat her well, when she is unable to do her own work when she is growing old because there is only one person you can call AMMA by heart in this world.

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