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Good Night’s Sleep For Baby

Today, there is a huge selection of accessories for a newborn baby, from bedroom furniture, to diapers. Some accessories are very sophisticated while some are very simple and easy to use and allows baby to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Here are some useful Sleep accessories for a newborn baby that can be helpful, especially for a new mother or a family who needs to get used to the idea of having a baby around and also indulge in the luxury of a good night’s sleep.

Cots and mattresses – Most Cots come with a fitted mattress, but make sure it’s safe. It is recommended that a newborn baby sleep on a firm, flat mattress that is clean and fits the cot as well. A firm foam, spring or coir mattress is the best option.

Sheet and mattress protectors – Use the cotton type with a vinyl backing.  They are useful for catching the contents of exploding nappies, dribble and reflux. This is helpful as the child grows, to keep the bedding dry. Make sure the cot sheets fit snugly as it can pose a suffocation hazard.

Blankets – Newborns cannot regulate their body temperature, therefore a blanket will help keep the newborn baby warm and comfortable and will fall asleep as well. Do not use quilts, bedding rolls or pillows with infants as they are a suffocation hazard.

Baby mosquito net – This is one of the most essential sleep accessories for a newborn baby in Sri Lanka, with the danger of dengue looming in many districts. A mosquito net is an essential, but make sure not to open and close the net too many times during the night, and let a mosquito into the net.

Cot bumpers – These are made of quilted fabric and run around the inside of the cot bars. They are used to protect an infant from the wooden or metal railing of the cot. However, bumpers should not be used until the infant can control him or her head movements as the baby can suffocate when sleeping close to them.

Night-light – This is a useful ‘must-have’ especially during night time nappy changes and feeding. It is dim enough to have a good night’s sleep. It can also he useful then the baby is a toddler and is afraid of the dark.

Baby monitors  – Allows parents to listen to the baby sleeping, this is especially useful for newborn babies as their crying can be heard if the parents are in another room. There are various models in the market today, ranging from basic baby monitors to the most sophisticated monitors with a video function as well.

Diapers – A wet diaper is the biggest cause of night awakenings. The best way to keep a baby as dry as possible at night is to use the correct diaper, with a good fit, super absorbent and comfortable.

With a newborn baby around parents are definitely going to need more help than ever before!

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