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First Three Months of a Newborn and a New Mother

Here are tips from experienced parents for new mothers in Sri Lanka on how to make the first few months easier.

Tips for Nursing

Babies eat a lot and despite there being plenty of equipment and help around, in the beginning, it’s guaranteed that things will get a little harder than expected. From sore nipples to tough latch-ons, nursing an infant can be a challenge.

  • Be prepared by getting more information before the birth
  • When feeding make sure to feel comfortable, it could be the environment or even a comfortable chair
  • Use a cold pack, if the breasts are sore after feeding
  • Before feeding, try a warm compress to have the milk flowing
  • If you want a newborn baby to take a bottle, introduce it after breastfeeding. Usually babies are breastfed up to 6 – 8 months by mothers in Sri Lanka before introducing the bottle.

Tips for Sleeping

When a newborn baby is not eating they are sleeping, in short bursts for as long as 16 hours.

  • Take shifts with the baby. Families in Sri Lanka often extend their help when there is an infant born. Mother, Aunties, and Ammasare all available and eagerly awaiting their turn
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps
  • Make the baby comfortable with a bath or soothing music, so that he or she fall asleep fast

Tips for Soothing

It’s not possible to understand what a baby wants in the first few weeks, it takes trial and error.

  • Mimic the action in the womb with swaddling, shushing, and swinging.
  • Play soothing tunes
  • Keep the infant warm or its warm keep them cool

Apart from the infant, the mother needs to be calm and sane as well. Many new mother’s in Sri Lanka often don’t focus on themselves but on the excitement of the infant and the baby’s demands. Find ways to relax and have short breaks to stay healthy and focused.

  • Forget about housework or keeping an immaculate home
  • Accept help from family and friends and maybe even from the spouse from time to time
  • Make time to meet friends for a chat or a meal
  • Relax with a trip to the salon, once in a while
  • Join an infant-parent group, this is becoming common in Sri Lanka as well

Remember that all parents go through this and soon there will be rewards like the baby’s first smile, and first steps, that will help make up for all the initial chaos, stress and craziness.

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