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Feeding Tips For You

Do not encourage your child to drink too much water during meals as this will affect the quantity of food he/she eats.  Offer them water at the end of meals instead.

Cut your child’s food into small bite sized pieces so it’s easier to chew and swallow.

Most children can handle a spoon by around 12 months. Encourage your child to feed him/her self. Self-feeding develops important motor skills and discipline in children.   Encourage them even if they initially make a mess.

Avoid giving toddlers foods which are small and hard (certain toffees for example), as they could accidentally choke on these.

Encourage your child to have a glass of water after every meal to aid digestion.   Offer water in a sippy- cup after around 6 months so your child can get used to drinking independently

Keep portions small: don’t overload your child’s plate and let food go to waste.  In general, a child’s stomach is the size of his/her fist. Serve small portions and refill when your child asks for more.

Children, especially toddlers between 1-3, prefer to have several small snacks throughout the day rather than three large meals. Have a box of cut fruits or vegetables ready to offer as snacks.


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