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How essential is it to consume milk during pregnancy ?

For pregnant mothers dairy is very important part of the food group as it is rich in nutrients that help the fetus and the mother grow healthy. Research suggests that a pregnant woman should consume at least 3 cups of milk per day.

Mothers in Sri Lanka start to consume a glass of milk each day right from the word ‘pregnant’ and the intake is increased closer to the date the baby is due, these are age old Sinhalese traditions that amma and athamma have passed down and is religiously followed by the young pregnant mothers today as well.

Benefits of Consuming Milk During Pregnancy

Milk is a vital dietary source of calcium and if the intakes of calcium during pregnancy is inadequate, the fetal body absorbs calcium from the mother’s bones, so it’s important that the mother’s gets enough calcium for both the baby and herself. Milk contains essential proteins, which is used to build up the uterus, remodel the mother’s breast and baby’s tissues.

What Is The Best Milk to Drink During a Pregnancy?

Drinking milk during a pregnancy in Sri Lanka is top priority, but it often leaves a new mother wondering what kind of milk to drink during pregnancy:

Whole Milk – It is very common during a pregnancy in Sri Lanka for a mother to go off non fat or low fat milk and drink full cream milk. It may not be necessary to do this.

Raw Milk – Drinking unpasteurized or raw milk or consuming anything prepared from raw milk is not safe during pregnancy.

What Type Of Dairy Based Food Should I Avoid?

Mothers in Sri Lanka are well versed when it comes to avoiding certain food during pregnancy, but food such as types of cheeses like camembert, brie and blue-veined soft cheeses, as well as cheeses obtained from goats or sheep’s milk should be avoided as it contains harmful bacteria and cause food poisoning.

Different Kinds of Milk That Can Be Consumed During Pregnancy Here are  a list different kinds of milk for pregnant women to drink,

Cow milk – The most widely used milk, available in fat free, flavored and skimmed. Cow’s milk contains essential amino acids, Vitamin D, E and A and Calcium.

Goat’s milk – This is available in UHT, organic and fresh milk varieties. It contains higher protein, smaller butterfat globules, more vitamin B2 and essential dietary fats.

Soy milk – This is available in fat free, whole, flavored and fiber or calcium enriched varieties. It contains almost the same protein level as cow’s milk.

Almond milk – This is ideal for pregnant women who cannot tolerate soy or gluten. It’s free from saturated fat, cholesterol and contains folic acid, fiber, protein, B vitamin, calcium, iron and vitamin E.

 Stay healthy and drink healthy!

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