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How much do elementary kids benefit from fruits and Vegetables? Fruits and Vegetables when taken in the required quantities help growing children with:

  • Increased Nutrition
  • Preventing obesity
  • Higher school performance

Children in Sri Lanka do not always consume the required quantity of fruits and vegetables; one third of a meal must be made up of fruits and vegetables for balanced nutrition.

Most fruits and vegetables may be consumed raw, preserving the nutritional value in food.

Increased Nutrition From Fruits And Vegetables

Elementary kids need added nutrition for growth and development of mind. Sri Lanka being a tropical country provides a rainbow hued variety of fruits and vegetables that offer loads of nutritional values.

  • Citrus Fruits: For vitamin C such as Oranges and narang juice are fruits that boost the immune system
  • Vitamin A: Carrots are a good source. Vitamin A is beneficial for eyesight and good skin. Look for red hued fruits and vegetables
  • Greens used in our staple Mallungs are an excellent source of iron, minerals and vitamins for young children
  • Papaya, mango and type of fruits that prevent dehydration and promote good digestion
  • Cucumber and woodapple are cooling and full of vitamins during the hot seasons

Simply ensure your child consumes various hued fruits and vegetables that each offers a special nutrition.

Decreased Obesity in Children

Fruits and vegetables are very high in fibre but low in fat, sugars and starch. Prevent type 2 diabetes in kids by replacing sugary snacks with fruits. Have diced papaw or mango in the fridge for when they are hungry. Leave around some apples or mandarins for hungry mouths to snack on.

Eating fruits and vegetables will fill up your kids and give them a healthy boost without the fat and sugars. Opt for salads with some mayonnaise – or crunchy nuts for variety and taste. Kids love cucumber diced – you simply need to introduce it to them.

Ingraining healthy diets full of fruit and vegetables in children at a young age ensures they practise healthy eating as adults. Thereby, prevents health problems such as cholesterol -, respiratory problems, and heart diseases.

Good Digestion

Young Kids suffering from constipation is quite stressful. Fruits and vegetables such as papaya, beans, broccoli, spinach, mango, potato, banana etc. help in good digestion. Fibre works by absorbing water and inducing bowel movements preventing constipation.

 Increased School Performance

Tests carried out on children show that those who consumed more fruits and vegetables showed a better performance at exams.

Remember fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka are packed with nutrition’s for kids. Fruits especially increase energy levels and hydrate making your kids more alert in school. Pack a fruit snack daily with your young child’s meal as treat.

Make It Interesting

We all know how hard it is to get young children to eat vegetables. Avoid this to some degree by looking at alternative ways of feeding the vegetables to your child. Maybe a home-made burger could have some leafy lettuce and yummy carrot sticks dipped in mayonnaise.

Take your child along and encourage him to choose the fruits he or she likes. Ask her to help prepare a fruits salad and start from today!

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