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Those Dreaded Labour Pains & Final Reward

Jessica looked around the sterile labour room, the lights suddenly glared brighter as another wave of pain seemed to clench her whole abdomen. “Oh noo” she cried “It’s starting”! The fear that was bottled up for the last 9 months spilled over and she shivered wondering if she was strong enough to go through with so much pain.

Truth is all women are strong! Becoming a mother, caregiver and protector give us all the armour we need for to face any challenge. I know that now after 3 births.

 Expecting Your First Baby…

So, you are finally in the last trimester ready for your precious arrival. But you worry about labour pains and horror stories you heard because pregnancy –   in Sri Lanka means listening to many uncalled for opinions.

Natural childbirth –   is recommended for baby deliveries in Sri Lanka, and yes, most women experience extreme pain during labour.

 Labour Pains Are…

Contractions of the uterus – muscles and pressure on the cervix similar to strong cramping felt in the groin, back and abdomen. Stretching of the birth canal (vagina) and pressure on the bladder are other causes of labour pains.

 What Does Labour Feel Like?

Soon after my water broke and I was rushed to hospital, I started feeling terrible menstrual like cramps. This went on for 2 hours. After doctor happily announced I was 10 cms dilated I had to start pushing. With the cramps and pushing I was exhausted when I finally heard that gush and after a while the ‘wonderful cry’ that I would be tuned into for years.

 Feel-Hear-Touch and Love…

Yes! labour pains are short and few for some, excruciating cramps for others. We feel the pain take over our bodies. We know baby is ready. Fear and excitement take over. Doctor, nurses and a helpless hubby encourage you, tell you when to push.

Soon the waves of pain rush over your body it seems as though you have been here for hours. You’re exhausted, but remember that little baby is just as scared, he or she is leaving a safe secure world and coming to you for love and protection.

You feel the final movements of baby passing down the birth canal, more pain as the vagina stretches. Then the final push, your sense of smell is filled with a fresh new scent- a new life.

And suddenly a-little cry- the pain is gone because you are a mom! Nurse places the tightly wrapped infant in your arms and as you smell your first baby you know the pain you felt was payment for enjoying a life-time of joy, love and wonder.

 Prepare For Pregnancy In Sri Lanka

Ladies prepare, ease labour pains, lamas classes help with exercises and what to expect. Ask doctor about pain relief medications for baby delivery in Sri Lanka. Forget the fear and fill your mind with the wondrous arrival of baby. Remember do not let the fear of labour take over, dwell only on the new life and love you are expecting.

Happy Deliveries!

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