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The different ways the brains of girls and boys work


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Research suggests that there is a difference between the brain function of Girls and Boys. There is are significant biological difference between male and female brains. These differences develop at birth, in the womb.  Typically, female brains have more neurons in certain areas than male brains, as a result of having more estrogen bathe them during fetal development. A hormonal wash such as estrogen for girls, testosterone for boys, can enhance certain parts of the brain and change them structurally before birth. So basically each of us, are wired differently.

Girls and boys have different developmental timelines and this is largely due in part to the differences in their brains. For instance, since girls are born with language processing neurons on both sides of the brain, while boys have them only on the right side.This results in the girls is that they become early readers as opposed to boys and begin the writing process sooner. Many girls have less spatial awareness than boys, but, at the same time, develop fine motor skills earlier than many boys. Most parents of Boys in Sri Lanka, has observed that boys are more attracted to spatial activities than girls.

Girls’ and boys’ brains are wired to process the connection between language and emotion differently. This is the reason that you might notice your daughter being more compassionate and emotional as opposed to your son. The female brain tends to focus a bit better on details, so that girls can express their emotions at considerable length. They also become sensitive to noise and tone of voice. As a result, girls may feel that they are being scolded when a parent’s voice is firm.

The bottom line is that the areas of girls’ brains, including the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for memory, attention, thought, and language is dedicated to verbal functions. The hippocampus, a region of the brain critical to verbal memory storage, will develop earlier for girls. In boys, the greater part of the cerebral cortex is dedicated to spatial and mechanical functioning. So Boys in Sri Lanka tend to learn better with movement and visuals than simple words.

There are also biochemical differences between girls and boys. Boys have less serotonin and oxytocin, hormones that play a role in promoting a sense of calm, than girls. That’s why it’s more likely that young boys will fidget and act impulsively. However, there is no difference between Children in Sri Lanka, as many parents think as opposed to children in western cultures, it’s how they are taught.

So as parents of Children in Sri Lanka what can you do? Boys should be encouraged to read and strengthen their reading and verbal skills, engaged in dialog and be involved in care giving activities, while girls should be given a range of math and science opportunities, encouraged to compete and play sports, chess, and building games to help them improve spatial abilities.

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