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A Different Type Of Pregnancy Support

I was depressed at the sight of my bras, they were dull and shapeless. I did eventually find some that were really comfortable and easy to use. The styles and colours I found were pretty flattering and made me feel a bit better about the switch to maternity bras.

 What Are Maternity Bras?

A nursing bra and maternity bra –   made of comfortable fabric. Cup support is where the normal bra differs from the regular bras.Maternity bras in Sri Lanka should be in cotton or a synthetic to suit the tropical climate. The bra is secured with an adjustable hook and a clasp at the back of the band.

Some of the most popular styles of maternity bras  Sri Lanka include snaps between the breast so you can fold the fabric flap towards the arm and to move the fabric around the breast. The trick is to find a bra that can be easily fastened and unfastened.

The styles of the maternity bras may differ throughout the nursing experience. You may need a sturdy bra during the first few months as you will also be wearing nursing pads to stop leaking and gradually as you become a pro you can move on to a more regular bra.

 Why Do I Need Maternity Bras?

Like the rest of the changes in your body, your breasts are getting ready to make milk for your baby. It is tempting to stick with the bra you have and be in denial at the sight of those bulky looking feeding bras. But the truth is you need to invest in some good bras with ample support, easy to access and has the words “comfort” written all over it, asap!

 Buying Tips

Each woman’s body and breast changes during pregnancy and may need to go bra shopping from time to time throughout the pregnancy – The best way to buy a nursing bra would be to have it fitted by a professional at maternity store. They will make sure you get the perfect fitting bra. Here are some buying tips to help you avoid uncomfortable and costly mistakes,

  • Coverage bras should fit snugly, smoothly and cover your entire breast
  • Support  wide straps, under bust band and deep centre in front with firm elastic straps
  • Adjustability four row clasp, with easy to adjust front flaps that require minimum fuss
  • Comfort  cotton or synthetics that are breathable
  • Access must be easy to fasten and unfasten

Happy Maternity Shopping!

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