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Communicate With Your Baby Inside Womb

Pregnancy is only the first phase of a lifelong love affair between mother and child. The initial days and weeks can be stressful and uncomfortable and its easy to get caught up in all the fuss and forget about the child in the womb.

However, as the pregnancy progresses, and the bump grows, you will definitely feel like a new mum-to-be. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, and prepare for some quality time bonding with the unborn child, here are some great tips.

  • Touch and massage the bump – This is a calming way to bond with the baby and is safe after the first trimester. Using a safe cream or oil to make this a relaxing ritual for the mother-to-be and the baby, and will keep the skin feeling soft and supple.
  • Take a swim – Swimming is a great way to take the weight off the It is a safe way to exercise and also relate to the baby floating in the womb.
  • Singing and talking – A baby’s hearing skills and constantly developing in the womb. From about 23 weeks, the baby will enjoy the beat of the mother’s heart and the outside world. Hearing the mother talking to baby in the womb, helps the baby bond with her, even before the baby is born.

Singing and talking to baby in the womb, can be truly rewarding once the mother knows the baby can hear.

  • Pregnancy yoga – Antenatal yoga is a great way to relax and pay close attention to the baby. Yoga poses for beginners are usually quite simple, but the best time to start is during the second trimester, after 14 weeks. Also, the gentle stretching and breathing techniques can help during labor.
  • Keep a scan picture of the baby close by – Having a scanned picture of the baby’s scan on the phone or fridge door is a constant reminder that the bump is home to a little miracle. It also helps to visualize the little person developing inside. Today, there is the possibility of having a 3D or 4D scan as well.
  • Get the father involved as well – Most fathers don’t get involved with the baby in the womb, but it’s the best time to strike a relationship with the baby as the pregnancy progresses. Encourage the dad to feel the baby move and talking to the baby in the womb, and reading helps the baby to become familiar with dad’s voice.
  • Take a walk – Having a relaxing walk in the evening is great exercise and is easy to fit into a daily routine, after a day at work. Talk to the bump while walking.
  • Respond to the baby’s kicks – A baby’s movements can be felt from about 18 weeks to 20 weeks and if it’s the first child, these movements can be wonderfully reassuring.

Since a baby feels everything the mother feels during pregnancy, this is an opportunity to give the baby a wonderful start in life.

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