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how to celebrate your baby birthday

A child’s birthday is always a special occasion for parents. But when it’s your bundle of joy’s first birthday, it becomes extra special because your precious little one has reached a milestone, completing the first year of his or her life. Moreover, for first time mothers and fathers, it is the day that marks a year of parenthood.

When babies in Sri Lanka turn one, the common tradition followed by parents is to throw a party. However, there are no hard and fast rules that your baby’s first birthday must be celebrated with an extravagant party.

How parents wish to celebrate their child’s first birthday is based on their personal values, perceptions, social background and of course the budget! Apart from birthday parties in Sri Lanka with balloons, decorations, birthday cake and lot of sweets, there are different ways of celebrating this special day. Events and activities such as alms giving, donating for a worthy cause, a trip to an orphanage, a family gathering or a small picnic can also make your little one’s first birthday as memorable as celebrating it with a party.

Hosting a great birthday party has both positives and negatives.

  • It’s a celebration for the parents as much as for the baby.
  • Even though your child is too young to remember, photos can save those precious memories forever. When your kids see these pictures, they will appreciate the effort taken by you to make them feel special.
  • A good opportunity for a family gathering and a great source of family entertainment.
  • Your child is the centre of attraction with much love and adoration from your relatives and friends.
  • Birthday babies in Sri Lanka are given lots of gifts from invitees.
  • Planning a perfect birthday party may be stressful.
  • Birthday parties in Sri Lanka can be expensive and unless you spend wisely, you will have to bear unnecessary expenditure.
  • Sending out invitations, getting right music, decorating the venue and organizing food can be time consuming.
  • Cleaning up the house after the birthday party will be tedious.
  • Your other kids will also demand a similar kind of party for their birthdays as well.

To have a birthday blast for your little one or not is a personal choice you make. What is important is to make this special day memorable, with priceless moments spent with your child and your loved ones

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