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When Buying Feeding Bottles

A young mother gets onto the bus carrying her little baby girl. She has instantly given a seat by a man seated in the front row and with a grateful glance at the kind stranger, she takes her seat. The baby’s silence is soon broken as she starts wailing in hunger. The young mother tries her best to soothe her child by rocking her in her arms but the baby just wants to be fed.

The young mother knows she cannot put off the feeding any longer and with nothing but embarrassment on her face, she decides to breastfeed, with the kind stranger standing next to her. She is hoping against hope he wouldn’t look down.

This is most often the plight of many young mothers especially when traveling, and all this could be avoided if the child is bottle-fed. As beautiful as the sight of a mother connecting with her little blessing during breastfeeding –  , it is also an invasion of privacy: not only for the mother doing the feeding but also for those around her especially teenagers and young men.

Pros Of Bottle Feeding

  • It is less invasive and embarrassing for all involved
  • It is easier to monitor the amount of milk the child is drinking
  • The mother can change her diet or take whatever medication without worrying about how it will effect the baby
  • Bottle-feeding makes it easier to go back to the office after childbirth

Choosing A Feeding Bottle

One may be under the impression that purchasing feeding bottles  l  in Sri Lanka is easy with almost every store selling them. However, just like anything else to do with a baby, there are points to consider when choosing the right bottle.

When it comes to answering the question “should I get glass or plastic bottles?” there really is no right or wrong answer. It can all depend on what is best for you, your child and your lifestyle.

  • Glass feeding bottles can be used at home and they’re very easy to clean and sterilize
  • Plastic feeding bottles are lightweight and easy to hold and would be ideal when on the go
  • Start with the smaller nipples –   where the flow is slower
  • Choose the nipple according to the child’s age. This is important when switching from breastfeeding –   to the bottle

Buying baby products in Sri Lanka can be a nightmare if you do not know where to go and what exactly to buy. Always stick to the older, more known brands as their products have been tried and tested for many decades.

A visit to the    will help you choose from a vast selection of bottles – . This cuts down the hassle of going from store to store getting the variety you might be looking. After the birth of your baby, with your busy “new-mommy” schedule, shopping at eases the stress with a single click and great delivery!

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