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Best ways to deal with twin babies

If you have had twins in sri lanka, welcome to the awesome and exhausting moments of caring for them. In most cultures when a mother is being told she is having twins, this comes as a  complete and utter shock. Sometimes, joy and delight of the parents can be mixed with desperation and even horror. And above all the most common and recurring thought is how am going to care for two babies.

So in order to help you with all the fun, here are a few tips for mothers who are having twins in sri lanka.

  • Ask for help – Of course in Sri Lankan culture there is always help at hand, even with one baby. So this will not be in short supply. Twins are an awful lot of work, and you will need support.
  • Breast feeding – Feeding twin babies is the hardest thing, because increased demand increases milk production. Finding a method that works may take some practice and patience. The trick is to find a comfortable position that works for you and the babies. Nursing both babies at the same time, will help put them into the same nap and feeding routine.
  • Sleeping arrangements – Newborn twins can certainly sleep in the same cot initially, they sleep better when they know the other is close by, sharing one cot can last up until they move into their childhood beds. Some parents prefer to use two cots when the twins begin to roll, bump into one another, and wake each other up.
  • Bath time – Bath time can be a challenge with twins, especially when they are newborns and cannot sit up with the help of a bath support. Make sure to have help at hand during bath time or bath your babies one at a time, keeping the other close by in a bouncy chair.
  • Meet and network with other mothers of twins – Twins don’t always sleep at the same time, but they will become moody, colicky or need their nappies changed at exactly the same moment. So it’s easy to get stressed, but remember that you’re not alone. There are other parents of twin babies in sri lanka, who are going through the same thing. Try to connect with them.
  • Don’t feel that you’re a bad parent – There are times that you want to give both your twin babies attention, but it’s not possible to do it at the same time. You may feel that there are never enough hours in a day and that you can’t be caring for two at the same time. Just do your best.
  • Get into a routine and be organized – Having twin babies in sri lanka, can give a whole new meaning to the word chaos, especially if you’re not prepared. However, don’t be disappointed and disheartened, getting into a routine can make sense of it all.

Twins can be a lot of hard work, but it gets easier as they grow up so make sure to have fun!


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