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Bathing Baby


Getting your little one ready for her first bath can be exciting and more than a little daunting! Here’s a list of everything you need to make sure baby’s first bath goes as smoothly as possible:



Pillow and Towel 

If you’re giving a sponge bath, these are essential items! Since the most important rule of bathing is never to take your hands off your baby once you start the bath, a pillow covered with a towel provides a comfortable, convenient place for a sponge bath. Also, be sure the room you’re in is draft-free to keep your baby warm.


Baby Tub:

If you’re bathing an older tot, set up your tub first before bringing Baby in the bathroom. And if you’re bathing your child in a sink, be sure to have a towel or sponge to put at the bottom of the basin for Baby to sit or recline on—this will keep her comfortable and safe.

baby washcloths

Wash cloth: 

You will need a washcloth or sponge for a tub bath or a sponge bath. If you’re washing a newborn, remember to wash your little one from the neck down; undress half of the body at a time to prevent your baby from becoming chilled.


Sanitized Cotton Balls:

You’ll need these for cleaning around your baby’s eyes. To do this, go from the inside to the outside of the eye with the cotton ball. Make sure to use a separate cotton ball for each eye

Hooded Towel

Hooded Towel:

A soft and fluffy hooded towel is the perfect way to receive Baby after a bath. Remember to gently pat your baby dry; rubbing may damage a baby’s gentle skin.

Clean Diaper And Wipe

Clean Diaper And Wipes:

After her bath, Baby will need a a fresh nappy before getting dressed.

baby cream

Skin Products:

The use of lotions, powders, oils, and other products for your baby can be controversial. Some of these products can help your baby’s skin but some can be harmful. In general, perfumed lotions are more likely to contain irritating chemicals than the simpler, unscented ones.


Mild Shampoo:

You will only need to use this once or twice a week. To shampoo your little one’s head, place a little shampoo on the head and very gently rub the scalp.

baby Nail Clippers Scissors

Nail Clippers/Scissors:

Bathtime is a good time to trim your little one’s nails. After a bath they will be extra soft and easy to cut.

baby Soft Brush or Comb

Soft Brush or Comb:

To prevent or heal cradle cap, gently use a soft toothbrush or brush to clean the     scalp daily, including during a bath.

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