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Baby’s Development and Milestones

Caring for a newborn in Sri Lanka is not easy, it can be very  exhausting for a new mother, but despite the initial ‘teething problems’ with motherhood, there is a lot to look forward to. Here is a look at some of the most anticipated milestones and developments your baby will take. Make sure you don’t miss out!

  • Smiling

When your baby is around 2 months he or she will smile in response to your voice or the sight of your face, that is all it takes to trigger your baby’s irresistible grin.

  • Laughing

If your newborn in Sri Lanka is crying a lot, it may be the hot temperature, don’t be on edge or put you off by motherhood. Take heart, when your tot is around 4 months you can look forward to the sound of laughing. They laugh at silly things and sounds like the sweetest music to a mother’s ears. Silly faces and tickling is all it takes to set off lots of squeals and giggles.

  • Sleepless Nights

It takes time for your baby’s development to take place, as he or she is getting used to a new environment. Like other baby milestones, a complete night’s sleep becomes the Holy Grail for new parents. However, most newborn babies in Sri Lanka sleep with their parents, which gives them the warmth and security they need to sleep through the night.

  • Crawling

Brace yourself, baby’s development happens fast, in the blink of an eye and before you know it your little munchkin has turned 8 months and is ready to crawl around the house. Of course, you are about to get plenty of exercise chasing your darting baby around. Some babies in Sri Lanka don’t have the tendency to crawl around, but start walking straight away.

  • Waving

By 9 months your bundle of mischief will begin to make the link between sounds, gestures, and meaning and associated the word ‘bye-bye’ with a wave.

  • Eating

Babies prefer to feed themselves and today many mothers in Sri Lanka, let their children feed themselves. No more ‘ayah‘ or ‘amma‘ carrying the baby and running in the garden to show them the birds and flowers, while shoving food into the mouth. Between 9-12 months, babies develop better control over their hands and fingers and makes it easier to grab things like small pieces of food and put them in their mouths. Watch out! Since babies this age love to explore tastes and textures, food is not the only thing that will go in their mouths.

  • Stands

By 12 months, most babies begin to stand briefly without support. They also take small steps while holding onto something to support them. This is a big milestone and by about 13 months your baby will be walking independently.

  • Talking

Mama! Dada!Amma! Thatha!” There’s nothing like hearing your baby call your name, and it usually happens around the first birthday.

So there is plenty of milestones to celebrate, make sure you jot them down so you can share it when your baby is all grown up!

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