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My Baby’s Bed Time

Cool Facts About My Baby’s Sleep

0-2 months: At this stage babies nap several times a day, so they may only fall asleep late at night.  Start moving bedtime forwards gradually, so your baby is ready for bed by around 6 pm at the end of 2 months.

3 months: Your baby will still take around 4 naps a day, but try to make the last nap end by 5 pm. Bedtime should ideally follow around 1.5 hours later.

4-5 months: At this stage babies transition to around 3 naps during the day. Try to make the last nap end around 4.30pm, so bedtime can follow around 2 hours later.

6-7 months:   Your baby will still nap about three times during the day. Try to make the last nap end around 4 pm, and have baby in bed not more than 2.5 hours later.

8-9 months: At this stage, babies generally shift to 2 naps during the day. All napes should end around 4 pm, with bedtime following around 3.5 hours later (not later than 7.30 pm).

10-18 months: During this period most babies will continue to nap twice a day. Again, try to end the last nap by 4 pm, with bedtime following 3-4 hours afterwards.

18- 36 months: At this stage, many babies will transition to one nap in the early afternoon. Bedtime should follow around 5 hours after this.  You may have to wake your child up by 3 pm to keep bedtime to around 8 pm.

Adequate night-sleep is essential for a baby’s healthy growth and development.

Babies with adequate sleep at night are generally happier, less restless,and less prone to become distressed.

When babies sleep well, moms sleep well: mothers of babies who sleep well tend to be happier, healthier, and less prone to depression during the  first year of their baby’s life.

Newborns sleep up to 16 hours a day in total, waking up at regularintervals to feed.

Until they are around 18 months, babies normally need at least 14 hours in total of sleep (day time naps plus night time sleep).

It is generally recommended to put babies to sleep on their back, as this decrease the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Talk to your pediatrician about this.

Most babies sleep through the night (6-8 hours without waking to feed) by three months or when

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