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Baby Bedtime Routines

Your baby will fall asleep more easily at nights if you set a regular bedtime routine. Setting a regular bedtime routine for baby can start as early as 6 weeks.

Establish a routine for day-time naps as well. Having a designated spot just for day-time napping and having some quiet time before this can set the mood and help your baby recognize nap-time.

Help baby recognize it’s bedtime by dimming the lights in the room, closing the window shades, and establishing a quiet time in the house.  Bright lights and sounds can keep babies wide-awake.

Sometimes it can be helpful to let your baby vent any pent-up energy by playing with him/her for a while before winding down and settling for bed.

Encourage children to start certain bedtime routines such as brushing teeth, washing hands and face and getting into night clothes about 15 minutes before bedtime.

Reading routinely to your baby at bedtime will give you and your partner a quiet moment to bond with your child. Plus, this can help build your child’s vocabulary.

Be consistent: stick to the same bedtime routine.  For example do not feel tempted to sleep next to your baby some days and not on other days. This will confuse your baby and could result in tantrums.


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