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Air Traveling & Long Journeys During Pregnancy

Traveling during pregnancy, whether by plane, train, car or even a cruise, can be a tricky affair. But with your physician’s blessing and taking certain precautions, there is no reason to sit home, while your friends are having fun. If you’re planning to travel, then learn how to stay comfortable and educate yourself about what is safe and what should be avoided.

Most physicians will recommend that pregnant women restrict their travel or avoid it altogether as the mother-to-be is at risk of pre-term labor or the water bag breaking prematurely during their gestation. The biggest concern is not what mode of traveling during pregnancy is used, but the fact that the mother-to-be can switch over to labor or delivery mode, at any time,  making it impossible to make it back to the preferred or nearest hospital, in time.

In general airlines and cruise ships allow pregnant women to travel through their eighth month, while some cruise lines and airlines may have a strict policy or restrictions for pregnant travelers. Despite this if you have decided to travel anyway, then consult with the doctor first and weigh the pros and cons, this is mandatory for mothers-to-be who have had a particularly difficult and problematic pregnancy. There are several factors other than being far away from a reputed institution that can provide pregnancy care. Some of these factors include, having a miscarriage previously or if the mother is in her 40s and is expecting the first child, the development of blood clots, travel restrictions to countries where certain vaccines are a mandatory requirement to travel but can cause harm to the unborn child.

Here are some pregnancy care tips, when traveling on long journeys,

  • Bring along plenty of water and other fluids to keep the body hydrated. Pregnancy dehydrates the
  • Pack light and bring along comfortable and sensible clothes.
  • Take short breaks or stops to move around and stretch your legs. If you’re traveling by air, walking down the aisle every 30 minutes.
  • If you find it difficult to walk and move around, then stretch your legs every few minutes.
  • Make travel plans, according to the due date in consultation with the physician
  • If you are traveling by air request the airline to give the conditions for pregnant women, before finalizing and paying for the air ticket.
  • Prepare yourself mentally to enjoy the holiday and mode of travel.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest on the plane, car or ship
  • Prior to traveling make sure to locate the closest hospital or doctor’s office,  where you are visiting.

If you have a normal, healthy pregnancy, and with the proper precautions, then it’s perfectly safe to fly or travel, especially during the second trimester, which is between 14 to 27 weeks!

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